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Your deepest darkest nightmares are set to be reawakened. 

On 31st October 2019 at Avon Heath Country Park there is something spooky going on. Are you brave enough to come along and take a peek?


In 2019 we are running a spooky and frightening woodland tour for our guests. You will pass toxic wastelands, Graveyards, a witches hideout and much more. You best have eyes in the back of your head, there are all kinds of creepy and terrifying goings on in these woodlands.... Wait, did something just touch me? No, there's no one there, Phew... 'CRACK'.... What was that noise behind me? Nothing is there.... I definitely heard something.... I need to get out of here.......


We have state of the art special effects & actors waiting for your arrival not to mention a fantastic venue!


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